Monday, May 7, 2012

SO many adventures.. and NO updates.

Lets start from the top :).  In March, we had a three day weekend.  So a coworker and I headed south to Busan.  One of the beaches here in Korea.  The weather was dreary but it was so nice to get away and put my feet in the sand.  Here are some highlights of the trip.
On our way, KTX high speed train, very comfortable


Haeundae Beach

Yonggungsa Temple

Offerings left by visitors.

Busan Tower

Love locks left by many.

Ariel had never been to the ocean before :) So glad I got to share it with her!

Stinky fish markets.

We had so much fun and it was so nice to get away.  It was nice that we went when it was cooler because when summer comes everyones says the beaches are COVERED in beach umbrellas.  Koreans are not very fond of getting any sort of sun, so they cover up anytime they can.  I hope to go back when it gets warmer and maybe even go for a swim.

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